The Birth of Fellowship

Hi, I’m Margie.

​If you’re wondering how a Chemical Engineer from the University of Michigan started a sober housing movement, read on.

​My sober journey started in 2011, and my real estate journey began 5 years later. My mom gave me some great advice when I was younger. She told me to invest in real estate. When she passed away, I knew I had to honor her legacy.

​No longer having a family of my own, I’ve been able to create the fellowship I crave. We celebrate the holidays together, and we support one another through all of life’s ups and downs.

​I know and live the 12 Steps and we actively work on them within Fellowship House and Fellowship Recovery. This is something that goes far beyond just a roof over someone’s head. It’s a service, a benefit, and a passion.

​Above all else, I treat everyone that comes to Fellowship House and Fellowship Recovery with professionalism and respect.

Fellowship Recovery LLC

Choosing Fellowship Recovery means choosing recovery unique to you in fellowship with others. Recovery programs are all very similar in providing curriculum and programming designed to inform clients about sobriety. Here at Fellowship Recovery, we want you to live practically in sobriety. We teach you about riding the bus, operating with your own budget and financial goals, and preparing you to live a sober life successfully. What does sober success mean to you? We’d love to help you discover your own sustainable, sober success.